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Annual maintenance is key for your Porsche

One of the most important things that you can do for your Porsche is find a knowledgeable mechanic who you can trust.  Whether it is a vintage air-cooled Porsche or modern water-cooled Porsche, regular maintenance is crucial for the extended enjoyment of your Porsche.  For the daily drivers, we recommend an oil service every 5K miles.  In that way we can maintain and observe any issues that might be developing.  For the Porsche that never sees bad weather, who often don’t reach 5K miles per year, we recommend once a year annual service, mostly due to the fact that oil has a shelf life and builds up acid levels, which deteriorate engine seals, and cause oil leaks, as well as other problems.

The role of modern engine oil is to lubricate and cool the engine, as well as act as hydraulic fluid for the functioning of multiple systems, such as VarioCam. Clean oil is essential for proper operation of these components. We only use premium oil, approved by Porsche.

For the 996 and 997.1 Porsche service, we dissect and examine every oil filter, to look for evidence of metal particles in the engine oil. We also recommend taking an oil sample for further prevention and earlier detection. This can be used to predict an IMS failure before it becomes catastrophic. 

Another issue for Porsches that are stored though the winter months is rodents making nests and chewing up wires.  A more detailed description can be read on my Technical Articles page.  Although it can happen to any car that is stored, the 993 and newer have wiring harnesses that are most attractive to chew.

When looking to purchase a pre-owned Porsche, a Pre-Purchase Inspection is worth the money because it can find existing issues that may not be apparent. One example, is the number of over-revs (redlines on the tachometer), which are evidence that the engine may have been abused. They can only be read with a Porsche computer. The Pre-Purchase Inspection is also a comprehensive look at the car so you know what you're investing in.

Prior to the end of your Factory Warranty, have a qualified Porsche mechanic perform an End-of-Warranty Inspection to look for any developing issues. This could save you thousands of dollars.

​We use:
- Porsche factory manuals to aid in diagnosis and repair
    - Porsche factory parts catalogues that enable us to find almost any part, if it’s still out there
    - PIWIS- the Porsche Factory tool to read out fault codes and program modules 

We belong to a National Porsche Tech group, which allows us to engage with 165+ experienced Porsche technicians across North America. 

We perform:

- Oil changes and factory scheduled maintenance

- Internal engine rebuilds and repairs (air-cooled and water-cooled)
- Electronic diagnostics and module coding
- Porsche Tech Inspections

- Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI) and End-of-Warranty Inspections
- Brake services
- Suspension (shocks, springs, bushings, ride heights)
- Transmission and clutch repairs

- Performance upgrades
     - Upgraded intake plenums
     - Tuning software
     - Performance exhaust upgrades
- Emission repairs
- And more!​

At The Popular Mechanic, you have direct communication with your mechanic, and we encourage this. We take the time to explain things to you so you understand exactly how systems work and how it affects your ride. Mechanical failure or worse can ruin an otherwise great weekend.

Feel free to ask Jay any question regarding your Porsche.