Jay Coates, The Popular Mechanic

    The Popular Mechanic is an European automotive, full service repair shop specializing in Porsche. Jay Coates, with over 35 years experience of import automotive repair. Formerly, Jay was the owner of "Best Darn Garage Around" in Berkeley Heights and is now "The Popular Mechanic" in Chatham.

    Jay is different from most mechanics as you might notice.  Not only is he an exceptionally good mechanic, he likes to take the time to explain or demonstrate the issues with your car.  He provides detailed explanations, options, guidance and estimates so you can make an educated decision on maintaining your car. This is what makes him popular among his customers.

Jay has been dealer trained, experienced in all European imports, and has a lengthly background in racing.  He understands performance and the pursuit of perfection in German engineering, especially Porsche.

The Shop Dogs
Every good shop should have a dog, we have two. And they're big!

Monster, on the left, is a 10 year old 150 lbs Newfoundland.  Memphis is a 7 year old Newfie with the mentality of a puppy.  You may have seen them strolling around the Brayton area of Summit.  They are hard to miss as they take up the whole sidewalk, friendly tails wagging, regardless of sun, rain, or snow. 

Support Staff- My Family

If its not me on the phone, it is likely to be my wife. She is a wealth of information and has a surprising amount of knowledge on cars and car systems.  Although she is a professor at Rutgers part-time, she spends a lot of time here helping out.  And of course there is my daughter who naturally serves as tech support and website designer. 

The Faces of the Popular Mechanic