Recommended Maintenance

Change Your Oil, Change Your Oil, Change Your Oil...
The best thing you can do for your car is change the oil every 3,000 miles using regular oil or 5,000 miles using synthetic oil.  The Factory Maintenance Schedule (which often recommends oil changes every 7,500 miles but some at 15,000 miles) will put your car on a short life cycle, destined for expensive repairs and or disaster under the hood.  We sell proper service by experienced mechanics.  Car manufacturers who define these maintenance standards sell cars, some might imply designed obselesence, we simply state that your car is an expensive investment and if you want your car to last, maintain it.  Change your oil every 3,000 miles on regular oil or 5,000 miles on synthetic.

Even with complementary dealer maintenance plans, we recommend scheduling oil changes inbetween the free dealer services.  For example, if your dealer offers free maintenance services at 15,000 mile intervals, take advantage of it, but have a simple oil service done inbetween, actually, have two services done one at 5,000 miles, and another at 10,000 miles, then take the freebie at the dealer at 15,000 miles.  Besides, it is beneficial to have an outside mechanic evaluate your car while under warranty so that you can have any issue taken care of before your warranty runs out.

Also note, we believe that your car deserves premium oil.  Many discount oil services may use low quality oil or even recycled oil.  Although we are a "green" shop, we recycle used oil from your engine, but we DO NOT, nor would ever recommend recycled oil for your engine.  Engine oil serves to lubricate, entrap dirt, and sustain heat.  By extending oil changes, the oil becomes saturated with impurities and breaks down which contributes to engine sludge and high acid levels in the oil which damages seals causing leaks.  We use Castrol GTX (regular) and Motul 8100x-cess (full synthetic- not a synthetic blend).